Friday, November 18, 2005

Lasagna Bolognese Part Two

Tonight was my first adventure using the Fresh No Boil Lasagna Noodles from Trader Joes. The noodles worked great. It tasted great, and my house smelled wonderful as the meaty Bolognese Sauce heated up. It took me 15 min to put the Lasagna together. Not bad considering my regular Lasagna takes double that. The no boil noodles make home made Lasagna possible on a Thursday night. I got home at 6:15 had it in the oven at 6:30 and we were eating at 7:15. I used eight of the Lasagna Noodles, the whole carton of ricotta and the jar of sauce plus about half a jar of another TJ's sauce Classic Marinera. The dish was a success. I do have some lessons learned I would like to share with everyone.

Lessons Learned
The only fault of this dish was that my sauce to noodle ratio was off. Too much sauce too few noodles. When I do this again I will use more Lasagna noodles, I used the amount I normally use for Lasagna, but as these noodles get only a little bit bigger there was a little less substance then I desired. I think thinner Ricotta layers with more noodles would be better. Next time I think I will use all twelve no boil noodles. It might have all been fine if I had used only the one jar of sauce called for, but as I was over generous on the sauce on the first two layers, I had little choice but to crack open another jar. Because I had so much sauce, I skipped putting the 1/4 cup water over the top that the demo girl recommended. Really any more liquid was superfluous. My final lesson was the whole creation needed to go into a bigger dish. It was a bit too tightly packed in my 9 x 11. Next time I may sprinkle the top with mozzarella just for looks. As far as flavor it didn't need the cheese. I think these minor tweaks will make the dish even better.

Overall liked the process, liked using the no boil noodles. I have about 6 of the noodles left so I am going to do a roll up with it...Also feeling inspired to turn the noodles into something Asian...More to come.

I paired the Lasagna with a Just The Leaves Romaine salad garnished with quartered Cocktail Tomatoes, and Black Olives. I dressed the salad with home made Greek Balsamic Vinegar salad dressing.


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