Thursday, October 20, 2005

Trader Joe's Today Vol 1

Here is what I saw at TJ's Today...

Lots of fun stuff to try. The demo was Chickenless Chicken Nuggets those are pretty yum. I am not a veggie, but if I were I definately could survive on stuff like that. I also saw today that TJ's sells Broccoli Nuggets and Spinach Nuggets...Very intriguing. I am not sure what a Broccoli Nugget tastes like but I am intriguid, very intriguid. There are about 5,000 products I would like to try TJ's! I do try one or more new things each time I go to TJ's. At the rate of one a week it will take me pretty much forever to try all the TJ's product's but I am undaunted! My goal is to try every single one of them. Today, I brought home for the first time TJ's Basmatti Brown Rice, Fresh Salsa from the refrigerated section (to go with the Organic Corn Chips I discovered last week), Trader Joes Favorite Five English Cheese Wedge, and all natural PB Joe Joe's. I've been eyeing those PB Joe Joe's for a while at least since TJ's did their back to school display. I was particularly pulled in by the fall display of TJ's Apple Cider and Mini Oatmeal Raisin Cookies...Yum! I love TJ's cider, warm a little up and you will agree with me that this is the taste of FALL.

I was the victim of a Cart Napping again today, 2 weeks in a row another TJ's shopper has absent mindedley taken my cart. I'd like to think that TJ's shoppers are so engrossed in the amazing TJ's products that they forget which cart is their's or that possibly my cart has so many amazing well selected things in it that other TJ's shoppers "accidentally" take my cart. I am not sure what the deal is, but I will keep you posted on the cart napping...:)

Have you ever noticed that the average TJ's shopper is more attractive then a regular grocery store shopper? I'm not kidding, check it out. It has to be the food. I am a true believer that you are what you eat.

One thing I love about TJ's is that I always end up talking to various random people. Today it was a man looking at Gelato...he asks "Is this good" and since I have the very brand he is looking at in my freezer, I say "Yes". I have one of those faces that looks like I will answer your question and give you a fair answer...I look that way because I will. So seems like I am always helping other shoppers out in TJ's with "Oh, I've tried that and it is good. Try putting it with...". I seriously need to just start handing out cards with this web address. That would be helpful..

All for now...Have a good one


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