Monday, October 17, 2005

Trader Joe's Goes to The Movies

I love the movies, but I dislike movie theater food. I can think of many better things to eat then popcorn greased with butter "flavor" oil or processed cheese nachos (cheese just shouldn't come from a can). It is not that I am completely opposed to popcorn or nachos. I have many fond memories of these foods, most of those memories occurring in jr. high school. Nachos and popcorn were fine at jr. high basketball games, but now that I am almost thirty I don't want to pay $12.50 for flavorless, fat, processed food. To me it is just not worth the price.

Step in inspiration! Saturday night, I finally solved my love the movies-hate the food dilemma... I took Trader Joe's to the movies! Enlisting the help of my largest hand bag, I filled it with Thick Cut Fine Herb and Goat Cheese Potato Chips, and in a really daring move Imported Italian Chocolate Gelato. The key to the Gelato was bringing two spoons and several napkins from home. I warn you the Gelato is only for the daring as you will have to watch that you don't knock it over in your purse. Guys I am not sure how you are going to pull this off....May I suggest you date a lady who carries large hand bags? My date and I waited to munch down on our booty till the lights went out. Even under the cover of darkness I detected some jealous looks from our seat mates when when we pulled out the loot. No more over priced nachos, or greasy popcorn for me, from now on Trader Joe's goes to the movies.


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