Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Good Morning Granola Cereal

Want to start your day off right? Of course you do...try this heart healthy granola

Good Morning Granola Cereal
Combine the following in your cereal bowl:
1 cup TJ's all natural granola
1 tbs cranberries (TJ's orange flavored is my favorite)
1 tbs walnuts slightly crushed
1 tsp ground flax seed meal (Bob's Red Mill, available at TJ's)
1/2 cup TJ's Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk....or if you just Don't do Soy....Cows Milk, Rice Milk, Almond Milk, your choice

Good For You Facts:
Oats-good source of fiber
Cranberries-great for your urinary tract (I hate that word...urinary)
Walnuts-heart healthy fat
Soy Milk-flavnoids 25mg a day may reduce the risk of heart disease. 1/2 cup TJ's Organic Soy milk has 4.5mg flavonoids that is almost 5% of the daily recommend value!


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