Friday, September 09, 2005

Dark Chocolate

It seems appropriate that my first post should be about chocolate. Cake is nice, cookies are pleasing, but when I really want something wonderful I reach for chocolate. The world is divided into two kinds of chocolate lovers: milk and dark. I have a general theory that a persons choice of chocolate tells a lot about their personality, but I will save that for another post. Suffice it to say I am a dark chocolate person. I like my chocolate bitter and intense with a hint of roasted coffee flavor. I am encouraged to read that dark chocolate contains flavonoids (see I knew chocolate must be good for me!), but truth be told if it didn't contain flavonoids I would eat it anyway!

About a month ago I tried Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Bar. I was really impressed with the taste and texture of this chocolate. TJ's dark chocolate is intense, smooth and pleasingly bitter. The chocolate is sold in three packs of 1.75 oz bars for $1.29 ( .43 cents a bar). For the quality I think this is a really great deal. The milk chocolate is equally as good, sweet and creamy. I haven't tried the mint, but now that I am writting this post I am inspired to do so. I like to keep a few bars stashed away in the pantry for "chocolate emergencies". I don't like to eat much junk food, but I find one square to half a bar makes a great dessert completely satisfying my craving for something rich.


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